Hello, I'm Sandeep

User Experience Designer

About me

Passionate designer with 5+ years of industry experience.

Skilled in a range of design methodologies, ideation, requirement gathering, task analysis, prototyping, usability studies and more.

Can wear many hats from design analyst, user researcher, user experience designer, to design strategist, information architect, and developer

Self-motivated and can work in a variety of settings, from leading projects to working independently, to collaborating interdisciplinary team.

I am currently pursuing master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University

How I approach design


Empathize, Define

At this stage, the aim is to identify and define the key problem by understanding users, context, and domain with the help of research technique like observations, interviews, contextual inquiry, field study etc. The deliverables of this stage are a precise design goal, personas, and key use cases or user stories.


Ideate, Prototype

This stage is about generating lots of crazy, creative ideas to explore multiple directions and visualizing it with brainstorming, sketching, prototyping and storyboarding. The end result of this stage is a prototype of minimum viable product based on the primary feedback.


Implement, Validate, Analyze, and Iterate

It's time for user's feedback. The design is subjected to rapid low-cost experiment, user testing, cognitive walkthrough, usability evaluation etc. The feedback and analysis from these methods fuels, what to implement and what discard. Finaly, design is never finished, so I iterate and improvise.

Where I've designed at

I spent majority of my career at BNY Mellon and iNautix.

What my peers say

"I was lucky to have Sandeep from the UX team to design my Trade applications. Sandeep has gone above and beyond his technology role to learn and understand the very complicated Trade Business in a short period of time. He devoted his time and knowledge to achieve the project in a professional and timely manner. His dedication and professionalism are highly appreciated and recommended. "
- Jessie Chung, Product Manager at BNY Mellon
"I trained Sandeep or should I say Sandeep trained himself in User Experience and Design Thinking. He only needed guidance in the right direction unlike most junior UX folks. He is a quick learner and always strives to be better than yesterday. He is a fast reader of books and a self-styled orator in the making. He strives excellence and is en'route to becoming a great designer as time goes by. "
- Arun Jawarlal, UX Practice Lead at YuMe

I'm currently looking for an internship in a design-driven firm.

If you have a project which requires design expertise or just want to talk about design in general, then get in touch.