Data Visualization

Visual representation / Visual analytics


This is a selection of data visualization projects designed to transform data into information and information into meaningful insights. These visualizations are based on fundamentals of human visual perception and cognition, visual data encoding, interaction and analytical techniques. All visualizations are web-based and developed using HTML, JavaScript, and D3.


Visualization Design
UI Development


Indiana University
Group Project


2 UX Designer
UI Developer


6 Weeks
Aug'16 - Nov'16

Table Reservation

Energy Consumption and Production Analysis

An exploratory visualization to analyze energy production and consumption data from around the world. The goal of this project is to analyze the trend of various energy types over time, to find a relationships between different variable and to compare these trend with different countries around the world.

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Table Reservation

Demographic and Socio-economic characteristics of the US population.

The visualization shows demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the US population. The dataset used is 2015 American Community Survey (ACS). It is compiled by US Census annually.

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Table Reservation

Interdependence of World Stock Market

The visualization shows the degree of interdependence of world stock markets on each other using the stock market indicators. The visualization can be used by the investor to diversifying a portfolio in order to hedge market risk.

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