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This is a collection of my projects which I worked as a curious developer and novice designer. These projects strengthen my analytical and logical skills and later taught me to be a pragmatic designer. As a tech enthusiastic and experienced developer, the knowledge of programming languages, framework, development process helps me bond and connect with developers and technology teams quickly. A design is just a piece of art if it can't be engineered.

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Table Reservation

Nomadic Food

Development | Side Project-Team | Apr'13 - Jun'13

Nomadic food is an android application which provides information and driving directions of famous street food stalls in Pune city which costs less than a dollar. This application was my first experience to use android development kit and google map API. Despite my first attempt, we received a good feedback from users.

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MH Election

Development | Side Project-Team | Oct'14 - Nov'14

MH Election application is an android application which educates voters about the representative of the political parties contesting in Maharashtra State election 2014. The application was downloaded by more than 5000+ users.

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Black-Scholes Model

Development | Side Project-Individual | Jul'14 - Sep'14

This is a java console application developed to implement Black-Scholes Model. The Black-Scholes model is used to calculate the theoretical price of European put and call options, ignoring any dividends paid during the option's lifetime.


I'm currently looking for an internship in a design-driven firm.

If you have a project which requires design expertise or just want to talk about design in general, then get in touch.