A collection of design artifacts, on-going projects and presentations

Experience Prototyping: SwiftCart

Our own Amazon Go! Its inexpensive and ready to implement

Ubiquitous Computing:Tangible Interaction vs Gestures

Comparing tangible interaction with gestures using Intel RealSense

Read Research Paper

VR Prototype:Google Earth

Testing redesigned Google Earth VR with the users

Experience Prototyping: OneCard

Active engagement with "OneCard" prototype during prototyping class. It helps the designer to understand existing experiences, exploring design idea and to communicate design concepts.

5 Second Research Method

A study of "5 Second Test" research method and case study of its application for testing web interfaces (

The Laws of Simplicity

A book report on the John Maeda's famous "The Laws Simplicity" book. One of the most inspiring design literature.

Influencing visual judgement through affective priming

A critique of a research paper "Influencing visual judgment through affective priming"

Quadrants of UX

I'm currently looking for an internship in a design-driven firm.

If you have a project which requires design expertise or just want to talk about design in general, then get in touch.