User Experience Designer

About me

I design desirable, viable and feasible design solutions.

Design professional with more than 5 Years of Industry experience as Team Lead, User Experience Designer, and Developer.

Enthusiastic collaborator in the development process with extensive experience in designer-developer pairing, rapid iteration, design thinking, and agile methodology

I can work in a variety of settings, from leading projects, to working autonomously, to collaborating multidisciplinary team.

I am currently pursuing master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University

How I approach design


Empathize, Define

My goal is to gain insights through observation, interview, contextual enquiry and domain to understand user. Identify and define the problem with scenarios and storyboarding. Combine research to kraft personas and user stories.


Ideate, Prototype

I generates lots of crazy, creative ideas to explore multiple directions. Brainstorming, sketching, competitive analysis, paper prototyping helps to visualize the range of ideas. Next step to create tactile prototype with information architecture from the primary feedback.


Implement, Validate, Analyze, and Iterate

I return to user for feedback, run rapid low cost experiment. Test design with A/B testing, usability and Heuristic evaluation. Learning what did not work, what to implement and scale to put vision into effect. Wait its not over yet..!! Design is never finished, its redesigned over and over again. So I iterate, improvise.

Where I've designed at

I spent majority of career at BNY Mellon and iNautix.

What my peers say

"I was lucky to have Sandeep from the UX team to design my Trade applications. Sandeep has gone above and beyond his technology role to learn and understand the very complicated Trade Business in a short period of time. He devoted his time and knowledge to achieve the project in a professional and timely manner. His dedication and professionalism are highly appreciated and recommended. "
— Jessie Chung, Product Manager at BNY Mellon
"I trained Sandeep or should I say Sandeep trained himself in User Experience and Design Thinking. He only needed guidance in the right direction unlike most junior UX folks. He is a quick learner and always strives to be better than yesterday. He is a fast reader of books and a self-styled orator in the making. He strives excellence and is en'route to becoming a great designer as time goes by. "
— Arun Jawarlal, UX Practice Lead at YuMe

I can add value to your organization.

I'm currently looking UX Designer intern position for summer 2017.

If you have a project that requires best in class user experience or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch.